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The purpose of Aluminet Shade Cloth is to provide optimal shading and protection for human, cars, pets & plants from harmful UV rays, while also regulating temperatures to create the ideal environment. The highly reflective, knitted fabric with an aluminium coating is designed to reflect UV rays and reduce heat build-up, making it ideal for use in outdoor gardens, greenhouses, and nurseries. 99% shading rate Aluminet Shade Cloth refers to a specific density of the shade cloth that blocks 99% of the incoming sunlight. It can provide ample shading and protection from harmful UV rays.

This density of Aluminet Shade Cloth is ideal for plants that require partial shading, such as delicate plants, flowers, and vegetables. It can also be used in areas with high temperatures or intense sunlight to regulate temperatures and create a more comfortable growing environment.

Temperature Regulation & Cool Down Car & Greenhouse
Aluminet Shade Cloth has a reflective aluminium coating that reflects sunlight and heat away from plants, help to reduce heat build-up and regulate temperatures.
The reflective properties of aluminet shade cloth make it an effective way to reduce temperatures in greenhouses, shade houses, and other types of growing environments. It can also be used to protect plants from frost and other types of weather damage.

UV Rays Resistant
The purpose of Aluminet Shade Cloth is to provide optimal shading and protection for plants and crops from harmful UV rays.

Aluminet Shade Cloth is a versatile and effective solution for providing optimal shading and protection for plants in a variety of outdoor settings.

Material:HDPE + Aluminum Foil

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