Net Fastening Clips 8mm-12mm-16mm and 20mm


Available in 8mm 12mm and16mm


Available in 8mm 12mm-16mm and 20mm

• Durable plastic clip ideal for fastening netting onto various sized poles/canes
• Snap on snap off clip for secure fastening
•16mm-20mm Clips are approximately 5cm (2 inches) long overall length 10cm (4 inches)
• 8mm and 12mm Clips are a double clip approximately 15cm (6 inches) long
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8mm Clip (Pack of 10), 8mm Clip (Pack of 20), 12mm Clip (Pack of 10), 12mm Clip (Pack of 20), 16mm Clip (Pack of 10), 16mm Clip (Pack of 20), 20mm clip (pack of 10), 20mm clip (pack of 20)


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